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We're the regulator of information created by the public sector. We make sure information is created and managed well, so that it supports transparency and accountability, the shift to digital government, and the rights and entitlements of New Zealand citizens.

The Regulatory statement outlines our role in administering the Public Records Act 2005 (PRA). It describes our philosophy for compliance and enforcement, framed to support and enforce effective information management practices. It also sets out the specific activities we undertake, and how they apply to compliance or non-compliance with the PRA.

Government agencies are the stewards for government information assets. This includes all the data that they create. They maintain and store information– not only for the agency, but for all New Zealand now and into the future. It’s part of every agency’s responsibilities to safeguard their information assets.

Each year the Chief Archivist reports to Cabinet on the State of Government Recordkeeping. Read the latest report, to find out why managing public sector information and data matters.