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Over the last few months we’ve tested parts of our website to ensure that it’s working as well as it possibly can for users.

Following these tests, we’ve made several improvements, which we're now ready to release.

Changes mainly affect information management professionals

The changes have mainly been made to the pages that fall under

They will primarily affect information management professionals.

What’s changing?

We’ve changed the way that content is organised under

This should make it easier for information management professionals to find the content they need.

We’ve also created new navigation pages that make it more clear where pages are located.

We’ve also created an A – Z list of guidance and made small improvements to the way that pages are laid out.

Your bookmarks should work as normal

We have set up redirects, so all your bookmarks and links should work as normal.

If you notice any old links that don’t work, contact

When will the changes be live?

We plan on releasing the changes toward the end of the week beginning 26 April.

Improvements will continue

We work iteratively, so there will be further improvements to the website in the future. If these will impact your experience significantly we will communicate these changes prior to release.

What if I have feedback on the changes?

You’re welcome to provide feedback. You can use the green feedback button that appears to the bottom right of all pages or contact